Some Spring Break Advice

Chris Marrie


     It's crazy how fast summer flies by. MDW turns into the 4th of July and the next thing you know your moving back in. Now for those of you that are enjoying every second of your cherished last few summers, as I hope you all are, this day usually sneaks up on you. And no matter how much of a riot your school might be you still end up thinking summer went by too quickly along with "shit I have like one of these left".

     Another thing you realize as you get deeper into the semester is you have no time to do anything. You're either going out, eating, sleeping or studying, and once in the middle of this cycle even answering texts from home friends is tough enough. So naturally, anything that involves marginally more effort than that is out of the question. Including planning spring break.

This is a problem because everyone falls into this black hole of laziness and perilous financial condition, but come March everyone also wants to go on the trip of a lifetime. Unfortunately this doesn't work and the best thing you can do is to get the trip planned and out of the way before fall semester. This solves both of these problems.

     However, it doesn't solve them all. Planning trips is actually a pain in the ass. If your a freshman or its your first time going, you probably have no idea where to start. The obvious is "where should I go?" You will realistically choose between 5 or 6 hot spots, and you cannot go wrong with any of them.

     But then you'll have to ask yourself "which travel agency should I use? Which resort is the best? Are flights cheaper when bought individually? Should I get the party pass?" etc. Chances are the answers will have a lot to do with the price, but that process involves emails or phone calls back and forth with agencies to see who truly has the best ones. The difference could be hundreds of dollars too. So the simplest answer is that it all depends. Flights and rooms vary depending on availability and demand on a weekly basis, and there's a lot of negotiation before you figure out the overall best option. 

     Who tf wants to do that? You're not only busy but have better things to do, especially when it's a bigger group and one person gets stuck coordinating it all. That's where we come in.

      We want to officially introduce Clearly College Spring Break Destinations. After telling us the very basic needs for your trip (where to, group size, dates) we will do the groundwork for you. We'll then shoot you an email with the best combination and deal we find that fits your needs, as well as answer any spring break questions you might have. And yes, all for FREE with no commitments. Just give us some quick info, see if you like what we find and we'll go from there.

Let's get started.

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