Metal Frame Flashing LED Beer Pong Table


Regular price $ 569.99

Discounted LED Beer Pong Table- Trippy, light up metal framed pong table with music controls and built like a tank. No one is breaking this thing. Perfect for frat/sports houses. Video and features below

- RGB LED Lights: Rotate between 16 colors and 4 display models

- Metal Frame Construction: Built to withstand the wildest parties and events

- Infinity Mirror: Special mirrors create the illusion of endless space

- Detachable Legs and Folding Center: Breaks down easily into a transportable unit

- Music Controls: Lights change and flash to the music

- Magnetic Lock: Magnets help keep table closed when folded

- IR Remote Control: Remotely adjust the color and mode of the lights

- Tournament Sized: 8ft x 2ft standard regulation length

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